23+ AWESOME Gifts That Start With Letter A (December 2023)

Looking for a gift that starts with the letter “A”?

This gift guide has you covered with original gift ideas spanning interests, price ranges, and ages.

Gifts That Start With Letter A
Gifts That Start With Letter A

From personalized jewelry keepsakes to the latest tech accessories, explore unique products specially chosen for that special someone.

Expect memorable antique finds, adventurous experiences, and analysis on picking the perfect letter “A” present tailored just for them.

Our Top 3 Picks

  • Best for Personal Style
    Alex and Ani Bracelets

    Alex and Ani Bracelets

    The charms and designs are customized to match any personal style.

  • Best for Tech Lovers
    Apple AirPods

    Apple AirPods

    The latest innovative tech that makes listening to music a sleek, wireless experience.

  • Best for Home Decor


    An original piece is a personalized gift chosen specifically to match their home and tastes.

Christmas Gifts Starting With the Letter A

#1 Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is a popular gift choice for the tech-savvy people in your life.

Apple Watch 1
Apple Watch

These smartwatches sync with iPhones to receive notifications, track health and activity, listen to music, and more.

The versatile capabilities make it useful for anyone who wants to monitor their wellness and stay connected on the go.

#2 AirPods

Apple’s AirPods are wireless earbuds that deliver great sound quality and features like one-tap setup and automatic pairing.

Apple AirPods
Apple AirPods

Their portable charging case provides 24 hours of battery life, allowing you to enjoy music and calls wherever you are.

AirPods are perfect for music lovers who want a cord-free listening experience.

#3 Artwork

Decorating one’s home with artwork that’s meaningful to them makes for a special gift.


For the art aficionados in your life, consider gifting a painting, print, sculpture, or other form of art beginning with the letter A.

Abstract paintings and architectural photography prints are two unique options.

#4 Antique Jewelry

Jewelry is always a treasured gift, especially if it has historic significance.

Antique Jewelry 1
Antique Jewelry

For the antique collector or jewelry lover, seek out vintage pieces beginning with A such as an art deco anklet, Victorian amethyst ring, or Edwardian aquamarine necklace.

The old-world styles and craftsmanship make them extra special.

#5 Automotive Accessories

Car enthusiasts would love some new auto accessories starting with A to upgrade their rides.

Automotive Accessories 1
Automotive Accessories

Consider all-weather floor mats, air fresheners in exciting scents, phone mounts, or a set of wheel covers for a new look.

Help make their driving experiences more comfortable and personalized.

#6 Apple Gift Cards

You can gift the versatility of an Apple gift card to devoted fans of the brand’s products and services.

Apple Gift Card 1
Apple Gift Cards

Allow them to choose what they’d like to purchase from the App Store, iTunes, Apple Books, Apple Music, or an Apple device.

With credit toward any Apple platform, an Apple gift card lets you give the gift of choice.

#7 Advent Calendars

Countdown to Christmas morning by gifting an advent calendar for the child at heart.

Advent Calendars 1
Advent Calendars

Fill it with small treats like candy, tea bags, mini ornaments, lottery tickets, beauty samples, Lego sets, jewelry, and other surprises.

It will add some festive anticipation to the holiday season.

#8 Appliances

Upgrade their kitchen tools and appliances with the latest innovations designed for convenience.

Appliances 1

Consider an air fryer for oil-free cooking, an instant pot for fast meal prep, an espresso machine to make barista-level coffee drinks at home, or an air purifier to clean the air.

#9 Amazon Echo Devices

The Amazon Echo is a voice-controlled smart speaker with the Alexa virtual assistant built-in.

Amazon Echo Devices 1
Amazon Echo Devices

It can play music, podcasts, and audiobooks, provide information, set reminders and alarms, control other smart devices, and more.

An Echo Show features an interactive touchscreen for video calls and visuals.

They make great gifts for busy households.

#10 Apparel & Accessories

Everyone appreciates stylish clothing and accessories to update their wardrobes.

Alex and Ani Bracelets
Alex and Ani Bracelets

Quality pieces beginning with the letter A include cashmere sweaters from Alan Paine, glamorous aviator sunglasses from Armani Exchange, or a soft alpaca wool infinity scarf.

Help them stay cozy and fashionable this winter.

Unique Gifts That Start With Letter A

  1. Amethyst Geode – Geodes sprinkled with purple amethyst crystals sliced open to reveal the natural formations inside make for unique home accents.
  2. Acrylic Photo Block – Preserve special memories in an acrylic block that magnifies the images for an artistic, floating effect.
  3. Aerial Yoga Hammock – Experience relaxing stretches, poses, and inversions from the soft fabric of an aerial yoga hammock. Great for yogis.
GiftDescriptionPrice Range
ArtworkAn original painting, print, sculpture, or piece of pottery by an up and coming artist. Very personalized gift.$50 – $500+
AtlasA decorative atlas for the travel lover to mark off places they have been or dream destinations. Very personalized.$40 – $100
ApronA stylish, personalized apron for the cooking or grilling enthusiast. Lots of customizable options.$20 – $75
Analog WatchA nice designer watch with clock arms instead of a digital display for the classy friend or family member.$100 – $500+

Gifts That Start With Letter A for Him

  1. Architect Scale Model – Miniature scale models of real architectural landmarks like the Empire State Building satisfy design and history buffs.
  2. Aviator Helmet – Vintage-style leather pilot helmets with goggle eyewear bring old-school vibes to motorcycle rides.
  3. Ale Trail Books – Beer-making and tasting guides like The American Craft Beer Cookbook will help expand his brew knowledge.
Aviation HeadphonesHigh-quality headphones suited for listening to music, lectures, or even for pilots!
Alpaca Wool SocksSuper soft and warm socks made from alpaca wool – great for guys who are always cold!
Architect ScaleFor architects or architecture enthusiasts, a sleek metal scale perfect for drafting plans. Various sizes to choose from.
Aviator SunglassesFor architects or architecture enthusiasts, a sleek metal scale is perfect for drafting plans. Various sizes to choose from.

Gifts That Start With Letter A for Her

  1. Alex and Ani Bracelets – These expandable wire bracelets engraved with meaningful symbols and charms suit her style.
  2. Agate Coasters – Pretty agate stone coasters in earthy neutrals accent living spaces and tablescapes with natural textures.
  3. Aromatherapy Candle – Essential oil-infused soy candles create calming scents and ambiance for self-care moments. Popular aromas include amber, apple cinnamon, and almond.
Alex and Ani BraceletCustomized bracelet with fun charms for a personalized touch.
Agate JewelryFrench tapestry pillow with floral artwork, a very ornate and elegant gift.
Aubusson PillowScented soy candles come in incredible fragrances like lavender, eucalyptus, and rose, and can help set a relaxing mood.
Aromatherapy CandlesScented soy candles come in incredible fragrances like lavender, eucalyptus, rose, and can help set a relaxing mood.

Gifts That Start With Letter A for Adults

  1. Antique Maps – Interesting topographic prints and old navigational charts work well in traditional rustic homes. They can be framed or gifted as wall art.
  2. Amaretto Liquor – For after-dinner cocktails, gift ornate bottles of sweet almond-flavored Italian liqueurs like Disaronno Amaretto. Enjoy over ice or add to mixed drinks.
  3. Audiobook Subscription – An Audible membership grants unlimited listens to engage their ears and imagination through audiobooks across genres, topics, and lengths to enjoy at home or on the move.

Considerations for Letter A Gifts

When choosing a gift beginning with the letter A, first consider the recipient’s interests and lifestyle.

An active music lover and a retiree likely won’t appreciate the same items.

Focusing on their hobbies, career fields, or favorite activities will help guide ideas tailored specially for them.

Also, reflect on your relationship with the recipient and typical gift-giving spending range when deciding how lavish to go on gift purchases.

While that antique diamond bracelet looks stunning, a more modest but thoughtful present may be more suitable for an acquaintance or coworker.

No matter your budget, emphasize quality over quantity. One well-made special gift beats a bag of minor trinkets.

Shop from reputable sellers and brands known for craftsmanship so the gift will last for years to come as a memento of your thoughtfulness.

Where to Find Letter A Gifts?

Online marketplaces like Etsy and Amazon offer expansive options for letter A gifts spanning all interests and prices.

Support small businesses to uncover one-of-a-kind, handcrafted finds. If shopping locally, museum stores and antique shops may yield treasures.

For personalized pieces, engravable jewelry and accessory sellers on sites like Zazzle and Things Remembered are great resources.

Mass retailers and department stores commonly categorize options alphabetically in online filters, making the search easier.

This allows you to scroll through pages of apparel, accessories, appliances, automotive, art, and antiques to uncover the perfect letter A gift match.

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FAQs About Letter A Gifts

What Are the Most Popular Letter A Gifts?

Some top gift ideas starting with A include Apple products like watches, phones, and AirPods; accessories and apparel like scarves, sunglasses, or sweaters; jewels like amber, amethyst, and aquamarine; or home luxuries like air fryers and Amazon Echo smart speakers.

Are Letter-Themed Gifts Meaningful?

Giving a gift somehow connected to the recipient’s first initial is highly meaningful. Having a present specially associated with one’s name or monogram makes the gift feel more personal, special, and tailored to them rather than generically selected. It shows extra thoughtfulness.

Is Jewelry a Good Letter a Gift Idea?

Jewelry is an excellent letter A gift, especially if choosing a piece highlighting gemstones starting with A. Timeless options include amethyst earrings, amber bracelets, aquamarine pendants, Alexandrite rings, and engraved nameplate necklaces. For sticking to a budget, consider jewelry with initial engravings or charms.

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